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We feature all the types of comics that were done by professional artists emulating Johnny Ryan

 We love Johnny Ryan comics 


Who doesn’t love comics? Everybody does, especially those types of comics that are full of humour. In fact, even with online and social media, comics are still a hit. At this point in time, comics have evolved into a lot of things. There are various types of comics which are certified hits depending on the target audience.  


In this website, we feature all the types of comics that were done by professional artists emulating Johnny Ryan. You see, Johnny Ryan is some kind of a god within the comic-loving community. His sketches featuring wicked violence and jagged lines are very much patronized by his fans, even to the point that his comic books are being sold for very steep prices on eBay and are even peppered on bulletin boards, bedrooms, and even garage doors constructed by A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee.


It is for this reason that several artists have also decided to emulate Johnny Ryan and create new types of comics based on the genre that he has started. All of these comics and art are featured here. Just look at our gallery section and look for the types of comics that are available. So far, here is what we have:  


Crime Comics — We have a lot of crime comics available here. All of the comics that we have can be downloaded for printing or can be shared online. The crime comics that we have feature graphic violence and a lot of criminal activities. However, most of the text or narratives tend to take a moral high ground. The main message of these types of comics is that committing crime is bad and that the bad guys always get what they deserve in the end.  


Horror Comics — The horror comics that we have available in this website feature a lot of vampires, ghosts and ghouls. Check out our database of horror comics to see the various types coming from different artists. Most of our horror comics here are entirely different from each other in terms of the narratives and designs. Check them out now. Know that a lot of our horror comics featured here have actually gained a lot of following online.  


Fantasy Comics — We have fantasy comics that are available in series or anthology types. These types of comics are similar to the Marvel and DC types of comics that readers oftentimes check out for the stories, narratives and amazing sketches. Check them out now to see what will be the next hit in terms of fantasy comics. We assure you that you will definitely get hooked.  


Underground Comics — Our underground comics have a satirical bent and are oftentimes a dig into the status quo. Access them now and get yourself immersed in social issues, albeit in a fun manner.  


Know that this Johnny Ryan website is not just making available comic books done by our artists. We are also accepting contributions from the general public. Feel free to submit yours please, especially if your comics style is similar to that of Johnny Ryan.