In this page, we have compiled all the most frequently asked questions of the users of this website. The goal is to help you navigate this website and to help you understand what we are.  


Who is Johnny Ryan? 


Johnny Ryan is a legendary comics artist of recent times. He is known for his violent comics, sketches and art. Johnny Ryan is idolized in the comics community for the work that he is known for, especially for the following that he has amassed among comic fans. Johnny Ryan is almost always featured in comics conventions and serves as an informal comics ambassador.  


What can I find in this website? 


The quick answer — comics. You can find lots of comics in this website, most of them done by  fans and imitators of Johnny Ryan. Know that the comics available here span several genres — horror, fantasy, violent comics, among others. But the styles of the sketches themselves are very much inspired by Johnny Ryan.  


Why do you have this kind of website? 


This website was started by a community of friends, all comic lovers and comic creators. Their initial goal was simply to showcase their work while paying tribute to Johnny Ryan. However, a lot of other people and fans of Johnny Ryan started to request that they post their own creations here. This is why this website has actually grown by leaps and bounds.  


What are your future plans for this website?  


Oh, we definitely have lots of plans. We want to improve the website more and include more comics from different creators. There are plans as well of adding in different types of comics, and not just those inspired by Johnny Ryan. But of course, all of these are still in the pipeline and are being debated on. So check back soon for updates.