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Available NOW at H+M Stores

Available NOW at H+M Stores

Written by Johnny

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  1. Riley Luce says:

    You sellout bitch i am totally buying all three of these.

  2. Dangph says:

    Johnny, does “wizard attack” refer to one of your comics, or is it a thing in and of itself?

    • Johnny says:

      Naw it’s just for the shirt. Originally it was called WIZARD WAR but H&M didn’t want to promote war…attacks are ok though I guess?

  3. Max C. says:

    Oi Johnny! E-P-i-C summertime tshirt- I must have! I live i DK, -home of the H&M chain. But i dont think they’re in my H+M?

    Do you have a direct link for ordering them online?

    Please reply on my E-mail.


  4. jimmy says:

    Definitely cool. Maybe your next design for them can feature H&M’s Asian slave laborers passing out while making shirts with your design? Kinda MC Escher-esque.


  5. Edward Kaye says:

    Whoa! How’d I miss this news? That’s pretty awesome.

    I wonder if they’ll stock them in Canadian H&M stores. I’m going to guess no, because Canada sucks :)

  6. Alessa says:

    I totally got all 3 of these! One day I was just browsing through H&M… ‘lemme see if they have anything neat in the guys sectio— HOLYSHITJOHNNYRYAN!!’

  7. johnny m says:

    hey i want a summertime fun shirt, who can buy me one and send it to the UK, i will pay someone through paypal, pwease, if not you will hurt my feewings