Friday Night Fuckface Frightfest

Friday Night Fuckface Frightfest

Written by Johnny

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Well, we did warn you that Cannibal Fuckface would be making an appearance at Comic-Con LIVE and in person! And really, what comic fan doesn’t dream of having a blood-drenched crazy man in a Speedo shouting lines from the book (“I will destroy you, Assface!!” and “What are you waiting for, an evite?!” among them) while calm cashiers ring up sales and books are quietly sketched in.

“Cannibal Fuckface said “fuck you, twerp!” to my boyfriend after getting blood all over his shirt. Awesome!!”Lisa Hanawalt, tweeting from SDCC

All photos taken by Tom Neely.

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  1. Bernard Gumz says:

    is there video of this?