Take a Joke is Available NOW

Take a Joke is Available NOW

Written by Johnny

Topics: Print Comix

Take a Joke– which is the third and final collection of Angry Youth Comix (plus a ton of extra stuff) is officially out in stores and available online now. This collection appears in black and white and color and you can see a sneak peek below, or find out more at the Fantagraphics website.

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  1. jeffmaxweed says:

    Happy 69-11!!! (06/09/11)

  2. Ray says:

    You’re no longer doing Angry Youth Comix? That sux

  3. Wonderful stuff, Johnny! Don’t you wish it was the 80′s when a guy like you would get dragged into court because of your socially unacceptable sense of humor? Ahhhh, I Heart The 80′s… Up With People…