VICE Covers

VICE Covers

Written by Johnny

Topics: Illustration

The war on terror is pretty adorable, at least if you judge it by the cover I drew for VICE magazine in January. But wait, there’s more…I actually drew two covers for them.

From what I’m told, these covers appeared on issues of VICE wherever the magazine is published except for America and Denmark. The Babelfish translation of the Spanish website is pretty funny: “The War? Like the Ass, Thanks”.

The February issue of VICE features my “Mark & Gary” comic as well as several illustrations I did for their Global Sex Survey.

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  1. Corey Febo says:

    Hilarious! your artwork and comics are amazing.

  2. woah says:

    Great covers! Kind of bummed I would not be able to see these in the state responsible for the inspiration.

    P.S. Below is a letter to Vice.

    Dear Vice,

    Way to censor yourself.