New Character Parade…The Book!

New Character Parade…The Book!

Written by Johnny

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Good news for those planning to attend this weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival! Although I just got the news that my new Blecky Yuckerella book won’t be there (argh), my brand new New Character Parade book will be debuting from Pigeon Press. Here’s some more info about the book:

New Character Parade by Johnny Ryan
Dec 2010, Published by Pigeon Press
8.5 x 6 .75 inches, B&W, softcover, 124 pages $12
This hilarious and irreverent tome continues the Johnny Ryan brand of gleefully perverse humor! New Character Parade features 120 full-page strips starring 120 ridiculously clever characters including: Stink Saw, Mammuel Clemens, Judge Judy Dredd, Tron of Finland, Sherlock Homeless, Metaliban, Shark Fluffer, Sir Oreo Monocle, The Erotic Art Collecting Squirrel, and Lesbian Spock. New Character Parade is Ryan’s pièce de résistance, shamefully funny!

Hope to see you all there…

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  1. Paul Karasik says:

    Hey, that’s great that you are going to be at the Brooklyn Festival on a panel with Mark Newgarden!

    That way you can thank him face-to-face for his series , “Meet The Cast”, from his old New York Press strip since the above is obviously meant as a spot-on homage.

  2. Jeff Flowers says:

    Awesome sauce! I hope you found room for Fat Chicks Of The Mind!!!

  3. Sean says:

    Will these be online? Or in stores?

  4. Keith says:

    Can’t believe you compiled your New Character Parade together! (If I am reading your announcement right). Only have a copythe most recent one and it is so good; can’t wait to buy the compilation. How about Howard resigning to Sirius (and the prank on Sal about not resigning)? Happy Days!

  5. Nicole H says:


    “I’m buying dis fuckin’ bonerpiece.”

  6. nando says:

    i want one.
    how i get?

  7. Keith says:

    how can we buy this book? sorry if i’m not searching enough for it and if it’s not available via i’net yet, but i drug my heels in the past and only have the most recent New Character issues. Not collector crazy about it; just would love to read your current amazingly insane and messed-up work thx

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