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New VICE Comic

New VICE Comic

Written by Johnny

Topics: Web Comix

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  1. Brandon says:

    I’m glad you remember that show. It was one of my favorite weird ass shows in the 80′s. Too bad they don’t make fucked up concept sitcoms anymore.

  2. Jeff Flowers says:

    Great stuff as always Johnny!

  3. Enid Blyton says:

    What exactly happened to Blecky? Is it all over for her, and will all of her existing crap still be printed in a collection? My life is getting increasingly hard not knowing all the details…
    And I still want to marry her. Please make it happen.


  4. Hugo Ballz says:

    I am surprised the man did not have sex with the lil robot girl.

  5. Bob says:

    Hugo, I will be the one to explain. Have you ever heard the joke about the guy who dreamed he ate a giant marshmallow and woke up with half his pillow gone? The cartoon above is the same sort of joke, only instead of dreaming about marshmallows, he is dreaming about a little robot girl, and then getting high, and wanting to fuck something. It is implied that he fucked the robot, but as it was a dream, it is not necessarily stated. The joke is he dreamed he fucked a robot, when in actuality he fucked his wife’s iphone.

    By the way, very, very funny cartoon. I saved it to my hard drive.

  6. Monk Loomis says:

    Hey, Bob, why don’t you go fuck your hard drive, you amazing douchebag?

  7. ThreeHeadedGenius says:

    After reading this comix I have tried to fuck my Iphone too while it was on charge and guess what douchebags…. I got fucking electrocuted and my balls were all covered with blisters! Went to my GP and told him what happened. He called me stupid. Then I said it was all because of Johnny Ryan’s comic and we bouth burst laughing out loud. Then we had a mutual wank! Thanx Johnny!