Found Footage Festival

Found Footage Festival

Written by Johnny

Topics: Illustration

A while back I did this illustration for Joe and Nick of the Found Footage Festival. FFF is an event where these guys showcase some of the craziest, most surreal, hilarious and often disturbing VHS finds they can dig up. They are the kings of finding weird shit you wish you could un-see (but are glad you did), and it was a total pleasure to work with them.

Here’s the DVD cover that was created from my illustration. Their graphic designer did a great job with it!

Thanks to my publisher’s blog, I just found out that the FFF guys are working with the Onion’s AV Club on a series of videos. If you stay tuned after the initial commercial, you’ll see they’ve turned my drawing into a fun animated intro sequence. Plus if you keep watching…Princess Kitty!

Meet Princess Kitty

Buy FFF videos and merch here.

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